Riga was founded in 1201 by Bishop Albert, who landed in Riga with 23 ships and 500 Westphalian crusaders. In 1282 Riga became a member of the Hanseatic League. What happened in the following centuries? You will find out if you take a tour with Latvian Tour Guides.

Where does the name `Riga` comes from? Why did people coming from countryside had to take 2 stones in order to get into the city? Why citizens could not sleep during the nights? Why ladies were afraid of walking near St. Jacob`s church? Why one can see cats on the top of Black Cats House? To whom the House of Blackheads was built? Why the Freedom Monument wasn`t destroyed during Soviet times?

During the tour you will find answers not only to these questions but to many more. Latvian Tour Guides are always happy to answer to any kind of questions about the past or nowadays! We are always well informed about the festivities happening in town and can give advice about the best restaurants and most interesting museums.


Town Hall Square – a center of public life of the city in the middle Ages

A baroque wooden steeple of St. Peter`s Lutheran Church was installed in 1690. It was the highest in the world at the time

In 1582 St. John`s Lutheran Church became the first Latvian church in Riga

The Dome Cathedral is one of the main symbols of Riga. It was built in 13th century as a new residence of Bishop Albert, the founder of Riga

The Small Guild is an example of the British Neo-Gothic style

The Big Guild was built in 1354 and today is the home of the Latvian Philharmonic Orchestra

The Gunpowder Tower was a part of city’s former fortification. It dates back to 1330

The Monument of Freedom is the symbol of freedom and independence of the country. It was built in 1935 on a benefaction collected by people of Latvia

Convent Yard was named after the Holy Spirit Convent, which was located here after the first castle of the Christian Knights` Order was destroyed

Price from EUR 20 per person (depends on a size of the group)

Included: Tour guide

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

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