Soviet Riga

Ever wondered how life was lived in the USSR? We have made Soviet Riga tour to give you a chance to visit the main landmarks of Soviet times and learn more about the country’s history under the Russian regime.

Riga Central Market includes five pavilions which originally were used as military airship hangars and only after World War I transformed into market venues. In 1998, the vast territory of Riga Central Market was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Next stop is the Academy of Sciences, also known as Stalin’s birthday cake. The hammer and sickle is still in evidence on the facade of the building. At a height of 65m, the 17th-floor balcony is open to the public to give a fantastic, unrivaled views of Riga.

A visit of flea market ‘’Latgale’’ will be appreciated by those who are looking for medals, coins or any other souvenir from the Soviet times.

Further on we cross the Daugava river to get to Victory Park which includes the Victory monument. Built in 1985 it consists of a tall concrete obelisk adorned with five golden stars symbolizing the five years of World War II. On either side are bronze statues of Mother Russia and soldiers advancing with their weapons raised. Dozens of hectares of parkland surround this shrine to former Soviet glory.

The KGB building, or the Corner House, became the most vivid symbol of the totalitarian regime during five decades of Latvian occupation. Visitors are able to view jail cells, dungeons, strolling areas, the lift for the interrogated and office workspace.

*Extended “Soviet Riga“ tour includes visit of railway station Tornakalns from where approximately 9300 people were sent to to concentration camps in Siberia. Nowadays in Tornakalns it is possible to see the carriage, where people have been transported.

*Extended “Soviet Riga“  tour also includes the museum of Occupation of Latvia which reveals Latvia’s history from 1940 until 1991, when occupations by both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were experienced. Documents, photographs and museum objects tell of the tragedy which befell the residents of Latvia under the inhumane conditions created by these foreign powers, as well as the resistance against the occupying powers.

Riga Motor Museum is portrayed by more than a hundred unique vehicles, including Soviet car industry and the Kremlin collection (with ZiS 115S armored limousine and Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow crashed by Leonid Brezhnev). The museum is included in Extended “Soviet Riga“  tour.

Tour covers:

  • Riga Central Market
  • Academy of Sciences
  • Flea market ‘’Latgale’’
  • Victory Park and Victory monument
  • The KGB museum
  • Railway station Tornakalns (extended tour)
  • Occupation museum (extended tour)
  • Riga Motor Museum (extended tour)
  • Soviet type suburbs
  • Recommendations about Soviet-style restaurants and bars in Riga

Price from EUR 40 per person (depends on size of the group)

Extra payment: Entrance tickets at the Academy of Sciences (standard tour), KGB museum (standard tour) and Riga motor museum (extended tour)

Included: Hotel pick up/drop off, transportation, guided tour of the sights.

Duration: Standard tour – 3 – 3.5 hours, including transfers

Extended tour – 7 hours, including transfers


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