Ligatne Bunker

This is a unique opportunity to visit Ligatne top-secret nuclear bunker. The bunker remains almost unchanged since the Soviet era only became publicly known in 2003, twelve years after Latvia regained independence. This 2,000-square meter facility buried deep under Latvian soil was known simply as “The Pension”. It would have provided a shelter in case of a nuclear attack from the ‘evil’ capitalist western countries, an escape for the leading members of the KGB and the Soviet government of Latvia.

Tour covers:

  • plans and projections in regard to what would happen if because of a war, dams of all hydropower stations were destroyed, which territories would be under water and how that would affect largest towns;
  • autonomous electrical station with diesel generators and fuel reservoirs;
  • conditioning equipment for air purification;
  • water supply and sewerage equipment which operates in accordance with submarine principle;
  • special telecommunication unit that secured direct communication with Moscow Kremlin and autonomous communication with the key services in the entire country;
  • books by Marx, Lenin, Brezhnev and other Soviet times politicians;
  • unique map with historic names of collective farms;
  • materials of the XXII Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union;
  • canteen with a typical Soviet menu;
  • various Soviet times memorabilia, household and daily items.

This tour is covered by a standard car or a 9seat van to keep the groups small.

Opportunity to expand the tour by adding Sigulda tour and/or Cesis town (must be confirmed in advance). 

Price: from EUR 45 per person (depends on size of the group)

Included: Hotel pick up/drop off, transportation, entrance tickets to the Nuclear Bunker and a guided tour of it.

Duration: 5 hours, including time for transfer.


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