Sigulda Adventure Park


Sigulda Adventure Park is a place for active recreation which includes various original open-air activities. The Park is located in Sigulda, in the territory of the Gauja National Park. The upper part of it is located in centre of Sigulda, the lower part is situated in the ravine, near the beach of the river Gauja. The big height difference – 91m made it possible to develop successfully the park’s first entertainment – tobogganing track.

The tobogganing track has been open to public for 5 seasons and it is the fastest and longest track in the Baltics and the only one of this kind, similar to American roller coasters. Maximum speed during the ride is 40 km/h.

The chair lift interconnects the centre of Sigulda with the valley of the river Gauja and the beach. The ride in the chair lift takes almost 5minutes in one direction and it has become a popular destination for tourists, where they can enjoy a beautiful view over the valley of the Gauja.

Tarzan park includes more than 100 different obstacles, which are located in trees at different heights, up to 20m above the ground. In total, there are 6 routes in Tarzan Park; every route has a different difficulty level – a suitable amusement can be chosen both for kids and exceptionally brave men. The obstacles include the bike, which is riding on a wire rope, snowboards, circus pulleys, alpinist walls, ”flying flowerpots”,” Tarzan jumps” into nets and many other amusements. Supporters can use steps to follow, to take pictures and encourage their “Tarzans”.

Catapult is the device, which throws the visitor high up by bungees. The feeling of weightlessness is followed by a free fall. The feelings are indescribable and certainly unprecedented.

Adventure park also offers Crazy Roller, Giant swing, 9 meter high climbing wall, archery, outdoor pneumatic shooting range.

Almost all activities in the park are unique and extraordinary for Latvia, they provide unprecedented feelings, adventures, experiences and fun!


Price from EUR 42 per person

Included: transport, guide, all activities offered by Sigulda Adventure Park – Tarzan’s park, catapult, tobogganing + chair lift, hotel pickup and drop off.

Duration: 5 – 6 hours, including time for transfer.


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Type: Daytime activity