Shore Excursions


If you visit Riga by a cruise ship, we can offer you private tours, and your guide will meet you right at the harbour. The Latvian Tour Guides will ensure that you get the best possible experience in the short time you have in Riga. If you want to see the countryside of Latvia, it is  possible with a tour to Sigulda and Turaida. Summer is also a pefect time to visit the beach resort Jurmala located just 20 km/12 mi from the city centre of Riga. This tour can be easily combined with the Grand Tour of Riga and in total will not take more than 6-7 hours.

All tours are private, so you can schedule lunch in a restaurant during the tour or between the tours, or just have a coffee break. You can make a list of things you would be more interested to see/do and be sure that Latvian Tour Guides will fulfil your wishes. Either these are local Latvian restaurants and pubs, Jewish historical sites or things from the Soviet times, be sure, we can make a special itinerary for you. If you don not have any specific plans, let everything be done by us and enjoy your day in Riga.

Below you can find the best or – the most interesting tours for you to really gain an insight in Riga and Latvia, and make the absolute most of your limited time.



The grand tour of Riga

This is by far the most popular tour, which allows you to visit Old Town of Riga, Riga Central Market, Art Nouveau district and drive through the boulewards of Riga. Unlike the most travellers, you will explore the opposite side of the Daugava river, where you will see the monument of Victory, Agenskalns market, and two districts of the most  beautiful wooden houses in Riga (Kalnciema quarter and Kipsala island).


Old Riga Tour

Come with the Latvian Tour Guides and see the Old Town of Riga through a completely different point of view. In 2 hours you will hear many interesting stories, legends and facts about this beautiful city. The tour covers all essential sights, and will allow you time to explore, eat, drink and shop on your own. The Latvian Tour Guides are always well informed about the festivities happening in town and can give advice about the best restaurants and most interesting museums.


Old Riga Tour and Art Nouveau district

When Art nouveau was at the height of its popularity, the capital of Latvia just happened to be at the zenith of an unprecedented financial boom. Riga was a home to entrepreneurs and engineers, educated in St. Petersburg, Moscow and the European metropolises, who succeeded in attracting German, Russian and Jewish capital; also, hope- and ambition-filled artists had returned here after their studies. We invite you to an extended Riga walking tour by adding a tour of the Art nouveau district, which is located a lovely walking distance away from the old town.


Jurmala Beach Tour

For centuries Jurmala has been a popular tourist resort thanks to a healthy seaside climate, pine forests, sand dunes and medicinal waters. Today Jurmala is the largest seaside resort in the Baltic States. The city Jurmala is also proud of its unique wooden architecture, which, since the 19th and early 20th century, has been a unique characteristic feature of the city..

Sigulda/Turaida and Krimulda castles

Get the true sense of Latvia on our Sigulda, Turaida and Krimulda castle tour. This 6-hour sightseeing tour will take you to some of the oldest castles in Latvia, such as Sigulda Castle and the Turaida Castle Museum, where an exhibition provides a fascinating history of the Baltic States. During the day, we will visit 3 medieval castles, all situated within a cannon shot from each other. Interesting diversions include a drive through the town Vangazi built by Russian prisoners in the 1950’s. 111

Grand Riga Tour and Jurmala Beach resort

This tour gives a perfect opportunity to explore the best parts of Riga and then continue the tour with the visit to Jurmala Beach resort. See the Old town of Riga, Art Noveau district, visit Central Market and explore the opposite side of Riga while driving to Jurmala. Depending on how much time you have, we can also extend the tour and visit fishermen’s villages to try smoked fish, cought in the very same morning in the Baltic sea.

Type: Day tour