Mystery House



There is no knowledge that is not power… Check your knowlegde at Mystery House. It is great way to have fun time and complete the challange. Task is fairly simple – you will be locked in a room and all you need to do – is to get out of it in less than 1 hour. Focus on details, use teamwork, open your mind and you will definetly come out as the winner!

Mystery House provides 3 different rooms – choose Yours wisely!

Mission: Rīga

Doubleagent has left his appartament. Get in, get secret documents #2291 and get out unseen. The agent has played this game for a while…be carefull.

Dr. Zink

Dr. Zink has moved to dark side. Deactivate the bomb, save the world and complete the game as a hero! This will be a trip into the world of numbers, chemestry and formulas. Time is ticking….

Room 1985

Time travells could be harsh…You have been stucked in 1985, Capital of Latvian SSR – Riga. Only 1 hour to get out – or stay behind Iron curtain forever…

Price: 35 EUR (group 2-4 people) on working days 9:00-18:00
50 EUR (group 2-4 people) working days 18:00-22:00 and holidays

Included: 60 min of game time, transfer from your hotel to the Mystery house and back.

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Type: Daytime activity