At the beginning there was a sea and a coast. Then contours of a castle showed up in the swampy marshland in the lower reaches of the river. A windborne city – as open and unpredictable as the horizon – sprang up. This is the first impulse for creating, building and going into the streets to celebrate life.

There is no other city that has so much space for looking around, for improvisation and creation. This is why Klaipėda is called „a jazzy city with striped soul“. Artists who come from the seaside city are less tightened by institutional screws and more spontaneous: they also bring in some uproar to the city’s life with their surprising projects. The cultural life of Klaipėda waves like a sea, too: here is an absolutely calmness and then a powerful wave come up, and then everything calms down again…

Price from EUR 70 per person

Included: transport, guide, hotel pickup and drop off.

Duration: 12 – 14 hours, including time for transfer


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